BELOW ARE THE 2018 SCULPTORS, WE Will announce the 2019 Sculptors Shortly....

Delayne Corbett


Born in Nelson, BC, Delayne Corbett grew up all across Canada where abundant natural landscape and readily available raw materials like wood, stone, ice, snow, and sand guided him onto a creative path early in life. Though he has explored these many mediums, his passion is working with stone to create sensual abstract forms. Delayne studies sculpture through in-depth self-guided research, superb mentorship, and by attending workshops, symposiums, and competitions. Delayne is an internationally recognized ice, snow, and sand artist, and often travels abroad to work on large projects. His home time in Vancouver is consumed by either working in his studio or teaching workshops and demonstrating sculpture at a wide variety of public events.

Laurie Arntz-Tournoux

Laurie A. Arntz-Tournoux, calls Navarre, Ohio home. Laurie has been sculpting sand since the late 90’s and became a Master Sculptor in 2002. By day, Laurie has been the Tax Commissioner of Louisville, OH for over 23 years. By night, weekend, vacations, and all holidays – she is known as the Logo Queen and you can find her with her hands and toes in the sand on a beach, inside a convention center, and or a local school or park. Laurie opened her own sand company in 2002. As logos are her gift in sand, she revolves around commissioned works of sand as well as logo event promotions!. In Laurie’s career she has “embossed” well over 7,000 logos in sand. Laurie does approximately 22 sand projects a year which includes a few competitions throughout the USA and Canada. Although Laurie has been time limited to sand projects over the years, she has managed to place in several Masters Competitions. One of Laurie’s favorite saying in the sand pit is….let the sand stand! Sand is not just one of those things for kids……it is for all those individuals walking the earth who are young at heart and that have a passion for making themselves and others smile! 

melineige beauregard

Some believe sand sculpting is art, some believe it’s a sport. While others, like Melineige, believe it’s a spiritual experience.  “When my hands touch the material, when my heart opens to give life, when my head is illuminated by light, I become the co-creator of the universe,” she said.  “An artist is one who spiritualizes matter.”  She should know.  Art is in her blood. Her father is internationally renowned sculptor Guy Beauregard, and like her father, she too has achieved international success.  In fact, in 2004 the father-daughter duo teamed to win the World Championship in the doubles category. Since then she has won more than 60 individual awards worldwide. Lately, she’s been nearly unbeatable.

Bryan obermeyer

Bryan has competed as an Advanced Amateur at the Blue Water SandFest for the past 5 years. After taking home silver medals in 2015 and 2016 last year he became the "Advanced Amateur Michigan State Champion" and he was asked to move to the Masters Level. Bryan got his start in 2007 at the Grand Haven Sand Sculpting contest with his wife and 3 girls. From that 1st year he was hooked. As his girls grew up, he kept playing in the sand. It’s the medium that attracts him to sand sculpting. Pushing the limits of fragile sand. A temporary art that when completed, dries up and falls apart leaving nothing but memories.  He’s now taking up another form of temporary art, rock stacking. He like to call it “Playing with young sand” CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK BRYAN!!!!


Steve grew up on the beaches of Rhode Island as an avid surfer. It is here that he started to dabble in sand sculpting. He graduated with a fine arts degree from URI in painting and commercial art. At that time, professional sculpting was of no interest to him. While on a 2001 vacation, he and his family entered a sand sculpting contest and they won. At that point, Steve proceeded to find out all about this art form and discovered there were two Master Sand Sculptors living near him in New England. He made contact with Greg Grady and Justin Gordon. Through their teachings of serious sand sculpting techniques, Steve became a professional. He was given his first opportunity to compete as a Master at Hampton and has never looked back.

Amazin Walter McDonald

Amazin’ Walter has been creating sand sculptures for well over 30 years years - so long, he’s lost count of the awards he’s accumulated. He has appeared at nearly every major sand competition and is a frequent winner of People’s Choice awards. He competed with his daughter, Christy, on the Travel Channel’s Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship in 2008. They won 2nd Place at the Texas Sand Fest (Port Aransas) in April 2011. Walter returned from Virginia Beach in Oct. 2011 where he won 3rd place for the second year in a row at the North American Sand Sculpting Championships! Possibly the oldest sand sculptor in captivity, Amazin’ Walter has made a reputation for himself building castles and is best known for his arches. His competition and commercial work has carried him to the far reaches of the world, China, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and many places in the U.S.


I am truly excited to return to Bluewater Sandfest in Port Huron. In case you didn’t know, this is where I got my start in Masters sand sculpting competitions after winning the Advanced Amateur competition the previous year at the first ever Bluewater Sandfest. So, this competition and location holds a special place in my heart. Since that first competition I believe I have improved significantly and if you were here that year I think you will see the difference. If you weren’t here, you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you I’m way better now. My love of sand sculpting began in 1997 while on a family vacation to Virginia Beach. My wife and two daughters were mesmerized as I made my first sand sculpture. Since that day, I have worked tirelessly to learn everything possible to improve my art. To the uninformed it would appear I was a slow learner, as it took 14 years before entering my first amateur competition in 2011. In reality, I was just making sure I was at the top of my game before venturing into the competitive sand sculpting world. After a few quick amateur wins and three consecutive advanced amateur 1st place finishes, I competed in my first Masters competition, right here in 2014. Now my wife and daughters aren’t as easy to impress. They’ve seen it before! When I’m not living it up in the lime light of fame and fortune of the sand sculpting world I work as a mechanical engineer designing machines. Living in Jamestown, NY (southwest of Buffalo), you might think I would be more into snow or ice sculpting rather than sand, but I much prefer the warm sand between my toes.



Bill and Marianne found their love for sand sculpting about 17 years ago when they began competing in amateur contests. After winning several medals they became professional sculptors in 2006. Their company "The Sand Lovers" not only specializes in creating wonderful works of art from piles of sand, they also manage some the largest sand sculpting events in the U.S. In the past few years Bill and Marianne have managed 22 major sand sculpting events reaching well over a million people. Bill and Marianne will be organizing/managing this year’s event, along with hosting "Quick Sand" and providing sand sculpting demonstrations during the event.

Go to the beach, Play in the Sand, Have FUN and LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS!



We call Dennis “The Sand Manager”. Dennis has been involved/working with The Sand Lovers sand sculpting events for many years now, and has become a regular staff member and an important part of the team. Part of what Dennis does is assist with site set-up, sculptor plot set-up, equipment needs for the sand sculptors before & during an event, ensuring they have everything they need to create their beautiful works of art. He is our go to guy for just about everything sand during an event. Once Dennis got a taste of working a sand sculpting event on the beach, he was hooked


April Boomer

As a member of the The Sand Lovers team, April will be providing "hands-on" lessons in the Kids Zone. April began sand sculpting at a young age helping her Mom and Dad (The Sand Lovers) on professional jobs. While April currently lives in Michigan she travels back to Florida as often as she can, especially if there is a beach involved.


Tony Frontera

Tony joins the Team Sand Lovers this year to assist with sand sculpting instruction and all around sand support. When Tony’s not on the sand he works as a computer designer in the automotive industry here in Michigan.